Is your website a missed opportunity?

Submitted by Bruce Abel on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 17:05

Does your website only provide the bare minimum of content and features for your patients? Are you missing out by not seizing the opportunities afforded by a modern website?

When looking to develop a new website, some clients say “I just want a home-page, nothing more”.

Is this realistic and will it suffice? The simple answer is very definitely NO!

The list of content, features, and services mentioned below can (and probably should) be seen as opportunties that should be taken to ensure your website is all it can be.

What benefits can my website offer?

  • Provide a comprehensive web presence. This shows your patients that you are contemporary and living in the 21st century and care about providing a service to them outside the bounds of your practice.
  • Offer credibility with high quality information and photography for staff bios. This shows that you are serious about who you are and the services you provide – your patients can see that you are fully trained, have the right qualifications and are at the pinnacle of your profession.  
  • Provide invaluable information about your practice, in particular the location (with the help of Google maps), other staff members, clinic times, alternative consult and operating locations, and nearby facilities such as public transport and hotels.
  • Supply content about the conditions you treat and procedures you perform.  This is traditionally in text form but increasingly video and (PowerPoint syle) presentations are being used as the media of choice. This can be a real time saver and also help ensure you minimise liability.
  • Give information to your referrers (GPs)  in the form of videos and presentations to keep them updated about the very latest advances and techniques in your specialty
  • Reduce staff time and costs with facilities such as online booking and enquiry forms for appointments.
  • There is no better way than custom photography to set your practice apart from practitioners in the same specialty.
  • Home page intro videos will also give you the opportunity to show that you are kind and that you will look after them with care and compassion.
  • Last and not least, it’s probably the only form of marketing that you will ever need.  A properly designed website, together with a well planned and executed SEO campaign will assist you to improve search results in search engines such as Google.

So when you make the decision to have a new website make sure you do it properly.  Online Medical have all the resources in one place to ensure that you maximise the opportunities available.