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Project Brief

Dr Jenny Gough and Dr Kate Stringer are Breast and Endocrine Surgeons.  The client comissioned Online Medical to create an entirely new website. They wanted a particular and unique style to suit the design and fitout of their new offices.

Project Details

We commenced by developing a new brand. The logo and colour scheme was quite an unusual design for a medical practice. We developed the logo design through a number of design rounds until the client was happy.

In terms of the website deisgn – we decided to have a relatively simple typographic approach for standard headings, as the typeface for the logo was quite strong and might otherwise cause issues with readability.

Project Result

The design was quite distinctive and reflective of the individual taste of the client. Signage and other elements in the practice were developed to reinforce the established logo.

The website is quite functional and  works nicely as a responsive design (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices). The client was was most pleased with the final result.