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Project Brief

Queensland Cardiovascular Group is a leading cardiovascular practice in Queensland.  The client comissioned Online Medical to entirely refresh QCG's existing online presence. This was a complex project, which is reflective of not only the number of specialists – but also the range of expertise, diagnostic and treatment options available to patients.

Project Details

We started with the brand and developed a new, fresh look. We also evaluated every aspect of who they are and what they do, to present a cohesive approach to thoer patients in terms of information architecture, navigation and content. To say the site is comprehensive is an understatement - with over 100 pages of information available to patients (plus a secured area for referring doctors). Due to the large number of specialists and locations, we developed technology that links the two and presents information appropriately. For example, you can view a location and see all of the specialists available at that location. Conversely, you can view an individual specialist and see all of the locations where they consult. The homepage was quite challenging to present such a complex practice in a simple approachable manner.

Project Result

The website is clean, modern and welcoming in appearance – with information presented in well organised and easy to navigate way. There was a lot of effort put into custom interface elements to ensure they worked effectively as part of a responsive design (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices). The client was very pleased with the final outcome and provided a testimonial to express their thanks.