Colorectal Surgeons Sydney

  • Homepage – showing the default english language version
  • Homepage – showing the default english language  version of the conditions "mega-menu" dropdown.
  • Homepage – showing the a Chinese language version of the condition "mega-menu" dropdown.
  • Conditions page – demonstrating high quality multi-lingual illustrations
  • Practice locations - showing multi-lingual video and accordion style sections for each location
  • Contact us page

Project Brief

Colorectal Surgeons Sydney specialise in minimally-invasive surgery, including key-hole (laparoscopic and robotic) and endoscopic (EMR and TEMs) surgery. They promote holistic care through a multi-disciplinary approach. The client comissioned Online Medical to redesign Colorectal Surgeons Sydney's existing online presence. This was a large project in terms of breadth and depth of content required. The requirement that the site be comprehensively implemented in a multi-lingual way offered a significant challenge.

Project Details

The website was designed as a multi-lingual system – utilising appropriate Drupal 8 technologies.

There are English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Korean language versions of every page that appears on the website. Therefore the site is very large with around 500 pages. All items of content that interact with spoken or written language are provided as custom versions, to specifically suit the selected language. This includes navigation systems, text, video and still imagery.

The site offers a variety of sophisticated features that are not immediately obvious – such as custom multi-lingual URLs generated from the language version for each page. This utilises the language characterset (eg: korean) to create the URL, offering unique SEO friendly URLs for each page version.

Project Result

The website is a well executed responsive design (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices) that offers a user friendly experience. The site is also fast to load – quite an achievement considering the extra requirements to load custom fonts for each language. The client was very pleased with the result and the site can be considered very sucessful when examined from a variety of perspectives.