Toowong Dermatology

Project Brief

Toowong Dermatology is a group practice with extensive training and experience, combined with access to forefront technologies, allows us to offer expert care for a comprehensive range of medical skin conditions and rashes, skin cancer management, and aesthetic needs. Online medical were engaged to develop a new logo and website.

Project Details

Planning the information architecture for the site was a fairly difficult task. We assisted the client to define primary services and a decision was made to use this as the basis for content categorisation. Skin Cancer, Medical Skin Conditions, Cosmetic and Sweat Reduction categories were chosen. This category scheme strongly affected not only the content, but also the various messaging throughout the site (e.g.: homepage banners). Client was also expressed a desire to incorporate visual navigation elements sitewide. This includes images and text as "previews" on the site index navigation pages (each main section of the site). The intent is to encourage users to click to read more detail.

Project Result

Client was very happy with the completed website. The content, structure and design produced a user friendly website where patients could easily get a feel for what the practice offers.