Australian Institute of Medical Education

Project Brief

Australian Institute of Medical Education is a website with a difference. This is an educational not-for-profit organisation, and the brainchild of Dr Andrew Renaut. This project was inspired by a desire to give back to the Australian Medical community and by extension the community at large. The website is intended as a virtual space for Doctors, Nurses and Medical Students to exchange views, make important social contacts and generally self educate by sharing knowledge. 

Project Details

The website was designed to achieve these goals by allowing the submission of a number of content types, including video and presentations – along with Forum style subjects and discussions. We decided to drastically simplify the navigation and allow each section to have specialised navigation relating to the type of content and who it had been designed to serve. Site users choose the community that's most relevant to them – Doctors, Nurses and Medical Students, and sign-up to create a profile. This profile allows them to share relevant information and is viewable to other members of the same site community.

Project Result

The first generation release of AIME has all the features required to allow the website to reach it's intended goal. The core functionality is sufficient to allow the creation of relevant content for it's users. This will include the creation of additional presentations and videos, by AIME and also by contributing Doctors. The Forum will also be expanded to include topics of specifc interest to members of each site community.