Dr Ashish Das

Project Brief

Dr Ashish Das - A Leading Fertility Specialist and a founding director of the well known City Fertility Centre in Brisbane. Ashish is one of few fertility specialists in Brisbane who also provides a comprehensive male infertility service. Online Medical was engaged to create a new website.

Project Details

One fo the main factors we considered was the emotive nature of the topic at hand. In order to engage patients we were quite selective in the use of photography. We ensured that we had sufficient representation of men, as Dr Das does focus on male infertitlity. We also focussed on the credentials and approachability of the doctor and team, so that patients would feel certain they were in good hands. We ensured there was a basic overview of fertitlity topics on the site, so that patients didn't feel they were going into a consultation unprepared to discuss the issues involved.

Project Result

The client was very happy with our considered approach.