Dr Andrew Letchford

Project Brief

Dr. Andrew Letchford is a specialist in hip and knee orthopaedic surgery, with a particular interest in arthroplasty (joint replacement), knee reconstructions, sports injuries and acute orthopaedic trauma. Online Medical was engaged to create a new logo and website.

Project Details

While the overall nature of the content is quite simple, we determined that the client wanted to expose the various areas of service directly in the main naviagation. Therefore the main sections are defined as Hips, Knees, Sports Injuries and Acutre Orthopaedic Trauma. Rather than traditional approach of simply listing the main topic headings within each page, the client wanted to utilise a "accordion" style of presentation. Patient's click the a topic heading to expose the details of that topic.

Project Result

Client is quite happy with the content of the website and responsive nature of the design.