OrthoSport Victoria

Project Brief

OrthoSport Victoria is a group of Melbourne orthopaedic surgeons, each with a sub-specialty area of expertise. They work closely with sports physicians and doctors as well as allied health professionals to achieve an appropriate and balanced management plan. Online Medical was commissioned to produce a new website to reinvigorate their online presence and work with their updated and nationally recognised brand.

We took the responsibility of this project very seriously indeed. It quickly became apparent that this is one of the most recognised orthopaedic group in Australia - with a large number of locations and some of the best surgeons in the country. We had to deliver... and we were up for the challenge.

Project Details

We produced a comprehensive sitemap that substantially reorganised the material that was to appear. There was a large portion of material that was not in existence that had to be created. There was also a large amount of content that needed to be updated and reworded. The client decided that in addition to standard web pages, they wanted additional design work done to create a set of downloadable / printable PDF documents. With over 100 pages, this proved to be a herculean task, but the sucessful execution of this task has resulted in a valuable resource for the company.

Project Result

The new website is a vast improvement on the previous website. There is more and better informatation, organised more effectively. The design is modern and fresh interpretation of thier well established but recently refreshed brand identity. It offers an optimal experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.