• Nysteia Homepage - main banner
  • Nysteia Homepage - showing "mega-menu" style that links to dynamic pages based on categorisation of content items.
  • Nysteia Homepage - animation effects triggered while scrolling the page
  • Nysteia Homepage - Parallax imagery and animation effects
  • Recipe listing page - showing featured recipes and "free" items
  • Recipe page - showing ingredients and method

Project Brief

Online Medical were commissioned to design and develop a new responsive website for Nysteia. Nysteia is not a diet. It is not an exercise regime. Nysteia is a way of life. Member's can discover how to Lose Weight, Live Longer and Live Well.  

Project Details

The website designed is simple yet vibrant and eye catching. We developed a series of parallax banners include animation effects on the homepage for visual appeal and to communicate core messaging and encourage subscription to the website. Custom iconography was created to add additional visual interest. Design and implementation of website content, navigation structures and layout was extremely challenging due to the breadth, depth and complexity of the content.

There is a large amount of complex features and logic utilised throughout the website, ranging from e-commerce recurring subscriptions, utilisation of content types and categories to automatically generate menu structures for navigation etc. The site also includes ability of site owners to select items to be paywalled, free or featured. This also includes contextually showing or hiding navigation and content dependent on the login state of the site visitor.

Project Result

The client was very happy with the design, content and usability of the final website. The site works nicely as a responsive design (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices).