Dr James McAuliffe

Project Brief

Dr James McAuliffe is qualified in Paediatrics and Psychiatry – he is dedicated to the treatment of all mental health disorders in children, adolescents and young adults. Online Medical was engaged to create a new logo and website.

Project Details

The client stressed to us that it was important the site design and content be friendly and generally bright and colourful in presentation. The reason for this is to put both the patients and the parents at ease. This was reflected in everything from logo, through to the text and photography.

We also had to strike a balance with the quantity and detail of the information provided. We needed to pay special attention to the sensitive nature of the work undertaken by the client and how the site could potentialy affect patients.

Project Result

The client was quite happy with the website and how it assists his patients. The responsive nature of the site works well across a variety of devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).