We use Dropbox to store and manage website content.

We use Dropbox specifically to help manage content for your website project. Using Dropbox we can easily collaborate to edit and add content as required, all synced over the "cloud".

Once we have a sitemap approved, we will provide a share to a dropbox folder.

This dropbox folder will contain a “nested / hierarchical” folder structure with related file naming.

These details logically mirror the structure of the agreed sitemap.

This makes it easy to simply add meat (content) to the bones of the site skeleton (sitemap).

Here’s an example of what the Dropbox structure for a project might look like.

The best way to set Dropbox up is to install and setup the dropbox application / program on the computer you will use to create and edit content.

To do this you will need to have either an existing account or create a new (free) account via the dropbox website.

We will post a Dropbox “how to” on your Basecamp project. This guide is especially helpful if you have never used Dropbox before.