Custom Website Design and Development

Online Medical specialise in custom website design and development for medical specialists, GP practices and allied health professionals. Our sites implement industry specific features and sharp, professional layouts which lend gravitas and credibility to your online presence.

Project Management

We have a defined design and development process that is tested and proven. When all parties follow this process, we can be assured of a smooth and timely progress from initial idea to final completion.

Online Medical has a dedicated experienced project manager who will work closely with the client to successfully fulfil the project objectives. For best results, we deal with a single person nominated by the client as project champion. It’s best for this person to be a subject matter expert and be willing and able to dedicate sufficient time and resources to help drive the project to conclusion.

Our Philosophy

We operate by the philosophy of creating informed designs that fulfil the needs of both the client and the users of the website. This considered posture allows us to ask the right questions and gain essential insights into the project requirements.


We enter into a detailed briefing process to understand your business and requirements. This also involves gaining an understanding of your brand and positioning within the market. At the end of this phase we should have developed a solid understanding of your medical practice or organisation, and be able to clearly elucidate the goals of the website.


At this stage we will start to flesh out the mandatory elements, content and features required to meet the goals of the website. This results in the development of a comprehensive sitemap.


Once we have an approved sitemap, we develop wireframe layouts utilising UX/UI best practice. These wireframes and a comprehensive brief are provided to a specialist web designer, who creates a series of design mockups. These design mockups are static images that detail the proposed look and feel of the website. These mockups illustrate key page layouts in desktop and mobile views. This is done so that we can plan the website to use responsive website design.

Content Development

The sitemap details all the webpages required to complete your website, ready for publishing. We work in consultation with the client to create and refine content. We may be commissioned by the client to utilise the services of professional copywriters, photographers etc. to improve the quality of the content. We continue to work on the material until all pages have been reviewed and approved by the client.


We then provide the content, design and a detailed briefing to our developers. These website developers are experienced professionals that specialise in creating websites that leverage the power of Drupal CMS. They have advanced skills in PHP and other coding languages. They utilise well structured HTML 5 and CSS3 coding to Drupal best practice and W3C compliant standards.


There are a number of checks and balances that occur throughout development, including checking, testing and quality assurance. This ensures the website passes tests in a range of recent browsers, including mobile devices.

Internal Review

Once the developers have completed their process and have made the website available, we undertake an internal development review. This ensures that our clients are presented with a website that meets the agreed design, functional and content requirements.

Client Review

The client then reviews the website and communicates any required in-scope change or fix requests. Once we have made any amends to client satisfaction, we then request a final approval from the client.

Website Deployment / Golive

Once approved, we notify our developers who work with us to deploy the website to our hosting platform, perform some tasks such as registering with search engines etc. and then do final testing of the live site. We encourage our clients to continue to review and test the website.

We are happy to provide a free estimate, or to discuss your needs in more details to produce a fixed price quote.


Online Medical Custom Website Design and Development is competitively priced. This service includes a design and development of your website from first principles. As this is custom designed to your specifications, we do not have a standard price. We are very happy to offer a free estimate – alternatively after a detailed briefing, we can provide a fixed price quote.

Contact us to discuss your project, or request a proposal.