News Copywriting Package

The time proven consensus is that “Content is King”. Furthermore – website content must be authoritative, relevant, contemporaneous, comprehensive and comprehensible.

Our News Copywriting Package takes the difficulty out of a task that's problematic for many Healthcare Professionals – keeping your site up-to-date with fresh content.

Regular additions of quality, relevant content to your website is a "positive ranking signal" that Google will use to assess your rank/position on Google. This is great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) reasons and should help generally improve your natural search results. The content topics should be targeted to appeal to your patients and referring doctors.

The best and easiest way to do this is to add content to a News section of your Online Medical website. News articles can be written and organised on the website so that they are relevant for either patients or referring doctors.

You can leverage news article content using a variety of mechanisms, most notably Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Campaigns - otherwise known as Email Newsletter Campaigns. EDM Campaigns can be targeted to the appropriate audience using segmentation of your Newsletter contact list. EDMs include an abbreviated version of the full news article text - along with a link back to the full article. This will help drive interested visitors back to your website. This is good from an SEO perspective and may also assist to drive conversions (more patients, more doctors referring more often).

News articles can also be leveraged by automatic publication to your Social Media pages – Facebook, Twitter.

We offer a News Copywriting Package to best suit your needs and budget.

Package Details

Initial MailChimp Configuration

Note: We assume we are able to utilise an existing, fully configured MailChimp account - with a segmented contact list, branded newsletter template in place (and with a matching / linked subscription form in place on website). If this does not exist, we will need to perform works to implement before we can commence the News Copywriting. Example details of this work are detailed here (additional and seperate cost):

  • Create MailChimp account.
  • Configure Drupal MailChimp Module as required.
  • Create and install MailChimp Newsletter Custom Template.
  • Create MailChimp Newsletter List – configured with "Patient" and "Doctor" segments.
  • Create a Newsletter signup form that links to MailChimp List and allows user to select if they are "Patient" and "Doctor".
  • If client is able to provide a clean set of initial data (where appropriate permissions exist), we will upload data to populate MailChimp List.

News Articles

  • Copywriter consults with client to create two News Articles per month - each article approx. 300 Words.
  • One article targeted towards "Patients" and the other towards "Doctors".
  • Users can select to view articles written for Patients, Doctors or both.
  • Minimal input required (guidance preferred, but otherwise Copywriter will choose the Article topic and research the article as needed
  • All articles contain unique text content for SEO reasons.
  • Articles may incorporate one associated image.
  • Article image to be supplied by client, or royalty free-creative commons, or other (paid) image library (article incorporates photo credit).
  • Draft / unpublished articles sent to client for approval.
  • Upon approval (or as per schedule if otherwise unable to gain approval) article is published to the News section of the CMS and assigned to either "Patient" or "Doctor" segment.

Electronic Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Copywriter creates one MailChimp Newsletter for each of the "Patient" and "Doctor" segments per month.
  • Newsletter utilises the MailChimp Newsletter Custom Template
  • Newsletter includes excerpt or summary text derived from the related News Article (published on website).
  • Newsletter includes image derived from related News article.
  • Newsletter includes clickable Hyperlink connected to related News Article on website.
  • Draft / unpublished Newsletter sent to client for approval (as a test email).
  • Upon approval (or as per schedule if otherwise unable to gain approval) Newsletters are sent to the appropriate list segment.

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