ALERT!: Adobe has announced the End of Life for Business Catalyst

Reminder that Adobe will stop all support for it's Business Catalyst platform.

This means that if you you are currently running a website that is based on Business Catalyst, when support stops it will no longer be available to you or your patients.


Securing your site with HTTPS

Web browser showing HTTPS connection

HTTP Secure (HTTPS) allows secure communication on the Internet. Learn about the benefits of HTTPS for your website and how this affects you.


Discover Digital Specialists – SEO Team

Effective SEO requires a dedicated specialist team – as this area of endeavour is astonishingly complex. Our SEO team co-ordinates with the express intent of improving the “natural search result” ranking of your website. The goal is to improve the amount of relevant traffic to your website - so that you have the opportunity to convert them into paying patients, or referring doctors.


News Copywriting Package

Copywriter sitting at desk and typing on laptop

Online Medical is pleased to announce a new service offering. Our News Copywriting Package takes the difficulty out of a task that's problematic for many of our valued clients.


Discover digital specialists – Videographers

Videographer with professional camcorder on tripod

Videographers are quite similar to photographers in many ways. However, they are also aware of the specific requirements of the moving image. There are different challenges that they must overcome. They are experienced with post production techniques and video editing and know how to tell a story through refined use of the medium.


Discover digital specialists – Photographers

Photographers not only have access to high grade photographic equipment, lighting and other tools - they know how to use them. Our photographers are members of the AIPP and are experienced professionals. They know how to work with clients to plan and prepare for the shoot (a major factor in the success of a shoot). They also know how to get the best out of the shoot on the day by helping to manage and direct the various participants.


Discover digital specialists – Copywriters

Copywriter composing text on laptop

Copywriters are wordsmiths who are able to research a topic from scratch and incorporate and expand upon client feedback. They write material that can be used to populate the pages of your website. Copywriters are experienced in writing for the web. They are aware of the best practice techniques such as consideration of audience, and ensuring the page is structured well into digestible chunks of information suited for the reading style of web use.


Discover digital specialists – Developers

Web developer coding on dual screen rig

A Developer is a specialist in technical aspects of code development and is an expert in the use of the Content Management System (CMS). Developers utilise pre-existing module code or create new code as required. They create the functional structure of the site, and populate it with the supplied content as HTML and also create the styling CSS. They understand best practice for development and are able to take approved content and design (along with a brief) to create a functional responsive website that is also extensible.


Discover digital specialists – Designers

Graphic designer creating artwork for website using graphics tablet

A Designer is a specialist in visual arts, with a particular focus on web design - including knowledge of UX / UI principles. Our designers are often capable in a variety of areas, including logo design / brand identity, but their core focus is web design.


The right web design and development company – choose wisely

Code illustrating web development

Choosing a web development company to build your website is a lot like choosing a car.  All cars, hopefully, will take you from A to B – but why do it in a Toyota Corolla when you can do it in a Mercedes C class. The answer is in the look, the feel and the functionality – with the highest quality only achievable by applying specialist expertise.


Why not all CMS are created equal

What is a CMS?

A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a web-based system that is the platform your website is built on. A CMS is intended to allow site editors an easy mechanism to update website content. CMS also offer significant advantages for website developers. 


Enhance your website with Photography

Enhance your website with Photography

Online Medical have professional photographers who have a proven track record in producing exceptional quality images for your website. For your convenience we offer a range of offer Photo and Video Packages.


Best practice – writing for the Web

It’s important to understand the way your site users interact with your website content. The behaviour of people reading web materials is significantly different to people reading print materials. Rather than reading entire articles from start to finish, web users typically scan for information.

Renowned web usability expert Jakob Nielsen found that “on the average webpage, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely”.


Content is King

One of the most important aspects of a practice website is content – the information that you are making available to your patients about their conditions, and the procedures that they will potentially be undergoing.

For you to be seen as the expert in your field (a status that you have spent years of training to achieve) – the content needs to reflect this.  It needs to be comprehensive, accurate and above all else unique.


Automation in the Specialist’s Office

There is currently a huge push by software developers to produce systems that automate processes that hitherto have been performed by humans. Hence the enormous interest and investment in projects such as the driverless car. The simple fact is that humans are fallible, whilst computers are considerably less so. The other significant driving factor of course is cost. The biggest financial burden for any business (a specialist’s practice included) is the personnel that it employs.


Start the New Year with a renewed stride

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Improving your practice, from the interactions with individual patients to the processes employed by your administration staff, is something you should attend to continuously.  So as 2015 draws to a close, it’s an opportunity to assess how you can achieve this. A new website, or the redevelopment of an existing site, is an excellent way to kick off 2016.


The importance of Marketing Through Education (MTE)

Marketing Through Education

Ensure that your practice website is the only educational resource that your patients and referrers need.

A specialist practice website performs many functions - first and foremost is information about the conditions you treat and the procedures you perform. But both your patients and referrers are hungry for a more in-depth understanding so why not go one step further and make your site the authoritative resource instead of forcing them to look elsewhere on the Web.


Is your website a missed opportunity?

Does your website only provide the bare minimum of content and features for your patients? Are you missing out by not seizing the opportunities afforded by a modern website?

When looking to develop a new website, some clients say “I just want a home-page, nothing more”.

Is this realistic and will it suffice? The simple answer is very definitely NO!

The list of content, features, and services mentioned below can (and probably should) be seen as opportunties that should be taken to ensure your website is all it can be.


Online Videos are the New Black

There is no better way to get the message across than with video. Google realised this 10 years ago when they paid $1.6 billion for YouTube. The latter is now the second biggest search engine (after Google!) signifying that when users search for something they want the answer in video form. And of course a picture tells a thousand words. Search engines such as Google like videos a lot and their liberal use on a website enhances the ranking of that site.


Take advantage of Small Business Tax Depreciation

Small Business Tax Depreciation

Great news for small businesses – and that of course includes medical and dental practices!

The Treasurer, in his Budget last month, announced a $20,000 tax saving per business, effective immediately and open until the end of the 2017 tax year. So if you have an item, up to the value of $20k, that would ordinarily be a tax-deductible expense you don’t just get the 45% back. You get 100% back!

And the really good news is that a new or redeveloped practice website is classified as a legitimate practice expense item that satisfies the criteria for this type of deduction.


Improve your website experience with adaptive image techniques

Adaptive image techniques involve using special website coding to improve the speed of images on your website. The special coding detects your visitor's screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of your web page's embedded HTML images.