Discover digital specialists – Videographers

Submitted by Bruce Abel on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 12:29
Videographer with professional camcorder on tripod

Videographers are quite similar to photographers in many ways.  However, they are also aware of the specific requirements of the moving image. There are different challenges that they must overcome. They are experienced with post production techniques and video editing and know how to tell a story through refined use of the medium.

In terms of hardware, videographers have a lot to manage.  Similar tools and techniques are also used in the production of still photography and video.  The latest digital still cameras can essentially double as camcorders, and deliver very high quality results (some as high as 4K video).  They typically will have a range of high quality lenses to suit the vast majority of requirements; and the notion that expensive precision glass is required for the best results still applies.  They have access to lighting and metering equipment to ensure the subject of the is well lit.  Recording audio can at times be challenging – they may use a range of microphone types, including lapel mics, and directional mics.

Software tools are another area of expertise necessary for professional grade video. Videographers are wizards with software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Apple Motion etc.

Just as important as the right tools, is the ability to know when and how to use them. Selecting the right tool for the job and knowing how to use it is something that only training, experience and natural talent can deliver.

Another very important aspect of a shoot, whether video or stills, is knowing how to work with the client to plan and prepare for the shoot.  This will typically involve collaborating with the client to create a plan.  Documents to facilitate this can vary in complexity from simple listing of the text to be spoken, through to providing references for how talent is to interact, where the particular segment is to be filmed, props to be present or interacted with, notes about camera techniques etc.  They can utilise formats such as Scripts and sometimes even Storyboards to help plan and communicate.

Our Videographers are experienced professionals and easily fulfil all of the above criteria. They also know how to get the best out of the shoot on the day by helping to manage and direct the various participants.

Just like you wouldn’t cook with sub-par ingredient, it’s important to ensure that your image is presented at its very best. A website that incorporates video of you and your practice, presented in a professional manner is both authentic and appealing to your patients.