Enhance your website with Photography

Submitted by Bruce Abel on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 10:22
Enhance your website with Photography

Website design, like most things in life, goes through fashion-changes. The current fashion is for image-rich banners intended to grab the user’s attention. These images also serve to tell a story – about the business, service or product that the website represents. It presents the user with an immediate impression – firstly that the business is contemporary but it also instantaneously tells them that they are in the right place. So it is important to use imagery on the home page, and in the internal pages that fulfils these roles. Clearly it has to be relevant; so with a specialist medical practice, for instance, the images need to be medical-related i.e. images of doctors at work in places such as the office, on the ward or in the OR.

There are extensive libraries of stock images that the designer can call upon, but what can really set off a website is the use of custom images. The caveat is of course that they need to be of high quality and that involves a photo shoot in these various locations. The staff do not need to look like film stars nor do the premises need to be 5-star but it is essential to convey to your patients that you are warm and welcoming and that where they will be treated is clean and tidy.

It’s tempting for the amateur photographer to think they can do a good enough job but once you’ve seen the contrast in quality provided by a professional photographer, then you can begin to understand why the latter is essential. It’s a combination of professional grade equipment, lighting, location, positioning, and getting the best out of both the staff and the premises that really makes the difference. It is most definitely an artform that the best photographers can make look deceptively easy... the experience can actually be fun!

We recommend only Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Accredited professionals. An accredited professional combines a love and passion for their craft with a dedication to dealing in an ethical and professional manner, with a desire to give you the ultimate customer experience.

Online Medical have professional photographers who have a proven track record in producing exceptional quality images for your website. For your convenience we offer a range of offer Photo and Video Packages.

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