Online Videos are the New Black

Submitted by Bruce Abel on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 16:49

There is no better way to get the message across than with video.  Google realised this 10 years ago when they paid $1.6 billion for YouTube.  The latter is now the second biggest search engine (after Google!) signifying that when users search for something they want the answer in video form. And of course a picture tells a thousand words. Search engines such as Google like videos a lot and their liberal use on a website enhances the ranking of that site.

When it comes to your practice website there are a number of ways that video can be utilised to excellent effect:

Homepage video banner

Traditionally stock photography has been used and more recently custom photography.  But why not wow your patients the very second they open up your website with a video in the home page banner featuring elements of your practice.

Introductory homepage video

Ideally this should feature the specialist and it gives you the opportunity to portray to your patients that you are kind, friendly and welcoming even before they’ve met you.

Patient information videos

Patient information is probably the most important reason for a specialist or a practice to have their own website.  All of the information that you tell your patients in the office about their condition or procedure can be uploaded to the site.  It performs several significant roles – it saves you or your staff having to repeat what was said in the office but, more importantly it is a risk management tool.  If you should ever get into a dispute about what was actually said your case can be supported if the information is also freely available in the public domain.  Having this information in video form has number of distinct advantages.  Patients are time poor and a five-minute video will save them the hassle of having to spend thirty minutes reading about it.  Once again, adding some customisation to a video, in particular one that features the specialist, gives an opportunity for the practice to demonstrate their personal approach to the doctor-patient relationship.

GP education videos

GPs are constantly looking for information about the latest way to manage a particular condition or about the latest technique. Become the oracle of your specialty with regularly uploaded videos shown within an appropriate section of your website – e.g.: Doctor Info or Latest News.

Video production is an integral part of Online Medical’s comprehensive web development services.  For more information about the use of video, please contact us directly.