Our Process

You can expect a particular process during the course of a website design and development. This process has been designed to enable the most rapid development and best value for our clients.

We endeavour during the course of a project to get feedback early and often. The reason for this is so that we can make quick “course corrections” if anyone identifies anything that’s problematic

Solid planning for what we need to achieve with the site and site content is key to the success of a project. Of course this requires prompt feedback from our clients.

Client Signoff

We also endeavour to reduce or eliminate the need to redo or amend works, by securing client signoff as key milestones within our process. This is so that your project runs smoothly and we don’t waste time and effort.

For example, if we created a logo for use in the website, we would need for this to be approved before including the logo in any design mockups we may produce for the website. The reason for this is that if a client was to change their mind, we would need to rework all the mockups that include the logo element. This type of situation is obviously not ideal for Online Medical, or the client.

Process Flowchart

Here’s an overview of a typical process. Note the client signoff milestones.