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Project Brief

Dr Candice Silverman has a dedicated interest in upper-gastrointestinal surgery, hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, and obesity surgery and delivers a world class standard of integrated curative services to achieve premium and long-lasting treatment outcomes.

Dr Silverman had an existing website that was in desperate need of a makeover.

We determined that it was worthwhile to utilise some of the content as a starting point, but otherwise to plan the new website from scratch. Dr Silverman's content is quite comprehensive, so required a robust approach. As content was shared to some degree with Core Specialist Group, we had to ensure there was no duplication of text.

Project Details

There was a requirement to redevelop the logo. The original logo was a bird – so in a nod to the original, the new logo features a number of coloured 'feathers'. The colour scheme and typography are entirely new. It was created with readability and elegance in mind. We successfully created a design that met the requirements of the branding brief.

We determined that the content was scattered across many disparate sections of the existing site. We needed to create a comprehensive sitemap for the new website and then utilise whatever content we could salvage from the existing website to offer a starting point for our copywriters. This was quite a task, but we managed to form a solid basis to create final text content.

The new website design injects a welcome burst of colour and creates a positive, friendly feeling. This is an important change as the previous website was too stark. The new layout is easy to navigate and provides access to comprehensive content. 

Project Result

The new website met the goals of the client – offering a look and feel that was more aligned with Dr Silverman's approach and level of professionalism.

The client is extremely happy with the new website and the tangible benefits it offers to her valued patients – particularly in terms of navigability and quality of content.