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Project Brief

Dr Ben Dodd is a Brisbane born and trained Laparoscopic Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon. He performs laparoscopic primary and revisional Upper GI and Bariatric procedures weekly. Dr Dodd is motivated by good surgical outcomes and optimising patients’ recovery from surgery and has a strong interest in Enhanced Recovery Surgery.

The project involved the creation of a new website and brand.

Project Details

There was no existing branding so we created a new logo – which included our standard deliverables of a full suite of graphic files and a basic style guide.

We organised a custom photoshoot for the client to enhance the imagery of the site. This worked very nicely for homepage sliders and banners.

Our designer employed their talent for custom iconography to create 4 x homepage feature navigation buttons. These designs were simple, but highly appealing and functional.

The client was brave enough to allow us some lattitude with design – so we employed a visually striking graphic effect on the page header area, to give the website real character.

Project Result

The new site satisfied the desires of the client – creating a distinctive and effective online presence. The client loved the design and the function of the website, which works very well across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.