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Project Brief

Dr Mary Ling is a Breast and General Surgeon on the central coast.  The client comissioned Online Medical to create a new website and brand.

Project Details

We started with the brand and developed a new logo and colour scheme. We noted that dealing with Breast Cancer was a significant part of the work of this practice. After some discussion we decided that we would go for something a little different in terms of brand colours – the now widely recognised "Pink" associated with Breast Cancer fundraising etc.

Further to this we wanted to ensure that any photography used was not too confronting. We also decided on the use of simple, friendly looking iconography.

We wanted to convey a sense of (to quote the client) a compassionate and patient-centred environment. 

Project Result

The website fulfilled the brief and styling is appealing without being too obtrusive, or confronting. The photos, icons and use of colour scheme throughout the site is quite effective. The site provides optimised layout that is suited for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The client was very happy with the site.