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Project Brief

Core Specialist Group is a group of passionate, independent consultant surgeons dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and delivering the best in surgical outcomes. Due to the nature of the company, the website was a complex project with a range of business considerations that influenced the final design.

Project Details

Our client made the decision to strive for more than the merely adequate – giving us the opportunity to redesign the brand. Our new design offered a simple, elegant solution. The new logo and other brand materials informed the website colour palette and typography.

Planning the sitemap, information to be included, and how we could architect the site to make it both user friendly and scalable was a remarkable challenge. Thankfully our client was up to the task and we were able to collaborate effectively.

To enable effective categorisation and navigation throughout the site - we divided it into a default section for the main "core" services and also individual sections for the individual businesses within the group. Each section included a landing page and unique navigation. It was a balance to ensure that navigation style was presented in a manner that offers a consistent experience for the user.

This design is scalable and essentially allows for businesses to be added or removed with a minimum of disruption.

All aspects of the site share a consistent look and feel.

Project Result

We met the complex business and marketing goals. Presentation across Mobile, Tablet and Smartphone devices is highly effective and offers an optimal user-experience.

The project was implemented exceptionally well and the client is very pleased with the final result.