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Project Brief

Dr Stephen White is the Gold Coast-based specialist surgeon leading the way in the detection, prevention and treatment of colorectal and anorectal disease.

Dr White's content is quite comprehensive, so required a robust approach. As content was shared to some degree with Core Specialist Group, we had to ensure there was no duplication of text.

Project Details

We needed to create a new brand. Specifically, the brief was to produce a design that celebrated Dr White's personality and unique flair. We were successful in creating a stylish, striking design and impactful colour scheme. We carried these striking visuals and colours through the into the design of the website.

An impressive depth and breadth of content was created to showcase the range of conditions treated and procedures undertakan by Dr White.

The quantity of conditions and procedures documented on the website requied a 'mega-menu' style of navigation - to provide a more compact presentation of the pages in the primary menu.

Project Result

The unique features of the design perfectly compliment Dr White's personality and personable style. The practicalities of presentation across multiple devices are well implemented and offer a pleasant user-experience.

The client was overjoyed by our efforts to provide a comprehensive offering to his valued patients.