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Project Brief

Dr Murtaza Jamnagerwalla is a specialist general and colorectal surgeon. Specializing in advanced laparoscopic “keyhole” surgery, Dr Jamnagerwalla is able to offer his patients the latest in surgical technology and techniques. The project involved the creation of a brand and website.

Project Details

The new logo was an interesting excercise – we wanted to make sure the colours involved gave us an opportunity to do something a little different. We retained some traditional medical blue colours, but added a rich purple colour.

Thankfully we received some professional photography from the client. While the photoshoot was not extensive,these images together with some judiciously selected stock photos facilitated the creation of some very nice homepage sliders and banners. Our designer crafted some custom iconography for the feature navigation buttons, which positively contributed to the elegant and effective design.

There were some last minute requets to amend aspects of the design, which we accomodated while maintaining the intergrity of the overall look and feel.

Project Result

The client was very happy with the outcome. The client loves the design, content and function of thier new practice website. The site provides a great user experience across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.