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Project Brief

Dr Brett Levin is an Australian trained, specialist Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon with interests in paediatric ENT as well as nose and sinus disorders. He is trained in all aspects of ENT surgery including caring for both children and adults.

The client wanted us to create a new website and brand, as this was an entirely new private practice.

Project Details

There was no branding so a new logo was needed. There were some quite specific requirements for the logo development, which we delivered effectively - creating an unusual colour palette in the process. We also created an associated style guide, to define the essentials of the brand as a reference document (colours, fonts etc).

Photography in homepage sliders and banners throughout the site was primarily custom, offering an authentic quality to the design.

We created custom iconography for the 4 x homepage feature navigation buttons. The free lineart style reflected the curves seen within the logo, reinforcing the desired friendly feel of the website.

We also incorporated a gradient graphic element into the website design, to highlight the colours present in the logo.

Project Result

The new site satisfied the goals of the client – establishing Dr Brett Levin with a quality online presence. The client is quite pleased with the new website and was very happy to see the project launch with all expectations fulfilled.