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Project Brief

Morrissey ENT is the practice of Dr David Morrissey. Online Medical were comissioned by the client to create both a new brand and a new website. This was of particular importance to the client, as the practice is a new one and also in a new location. We felt the responsibility of doing our part to assure the sucess of this new venture. 

Project Details

Site structure was quite important to get right and we settled on a "by body part" categorisation scheme. This combined with seperating the post-op information into a seperate section seemed quite effective. It was also quite important to the client that business processes aligned with the manner in which form materials were designed. There was considerable though put into optimising the forms data so that it was more easily trasncribed into Practice Management software.

Project Result

The client was very happy with the way the brand was rolled out across multiple applications, including the website. The site works nicely as a responsive design (optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices).