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Project Brief

Morrissey ENT is the practice of Dr David Morrissey. Dr Morrissey is an Australian trained Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon with experience in all aspects of ENT Surgery. He offers comprehensive care for a wide range of adult and paediatric conditions of the ear, nose and throat.

The existing website was able to benefit from a makeover – it was certainly good at the time of its creation, however standards do move on. In this particular case, the turnkey platform the website was hosted on was also slated to be discontinued.

We needed to act to create a modernised version of the site on the Drupal CMS.

Project Details

Thankfully there was an established logo and style guide. We decided to vary from the original "dark" theme by producing a "light" theme with a number of circular elements derived from the logo / established branding. This tended to lift the tone of the website a bit, upon reflection we felt this was an improvement because many of the patients were in fact children. We wanted the design to be more congruent with the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the practice.

On the content front we took the opportunity to recommend to the client improvements that could be made to the breadth and depth of the content. These recommendations were embraced by the client and so the content now matches contemporary expectations.

Project Result

The project ran smoothly, and was completed in a timely fashion. We managed to ease the burden of the client substantially by providing as much of the original site materials as possible, ready for review and improvements.

The new website met the expectations of the client who was very pleased with the outcome.