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Project Brief

Gastroenterology Clinics Queensland is a specialist medical practice in Gastroenterology, led by Dr Natalie Kiel. Dr Kiel is a Gastroenterologist working in Brisbane. Online Medical was comissioned to create the brand and digital presence from scratch.

Project Details

This project involved quite a bit of discussion and planning to settle on the desired outcomes.

We started with developing the GCQ brand - developing a logo, colour sceme and matching typography. The aqua colour scheme chosen was bright and friendly. The symbol's concentric circles was based upon the investigative / diagnostic aspect.

The content was a reflection of the most common conditions and procedures in Dr Kiel's practice, together with information most useful to patients and referring doctors. The information architecture was therefore fairly straightforward.

Project Result

The graphic treatment is a very modern approach. Semi transparent panels inject a lot of colour into the page.

The content developed under our guidance works very nicely, information provided on each page is comprehensive and well suited for patient needs.

The responsive design is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Furthermore the site utilises out new adaptive image technology, with appropriate sized image files sent to suit the viewing device. This provides a better user experience, with faster page load times.

The client was very happy with the final result.