Brisbane Surgeon

Project Brief

Brisbane Surgeon is the practice of Dr Andrew Renaut. Dr Renaut is a specialist in laparoscopic, colorectal and general surgery – including gallstones and hernia. Dr Renaut's practice is based in Brisbane, Queensland. Online Medical was commissioned to produce an updated brand and new website.

Project Details

The new logo features fresh and striking symbol and typography. As with all or brand development projects, we created a suite of digital files along with a simple logo guide. This allows the client to submit those materials easily to designers that may need access to the logo. these materials includes everything a designer requires.

The new website design style features typography and colours that leverages the brand design. The typography used for the logo was a Google Font, so available to use on the website. The content of the website was greatly expanded to cover every procedure Dr Renaut is likely to perform, plus a range of materials explaining the related medical conditions. The design also features surgical videos, both in a gallery and inline on relevant pages.

Project Result

The client had very high standards due to his knowledge of the state-of-the-art in web design and best practices. As we hoped, the client is very happy with the final website.