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Project Brief

Dr Brenda Biggs is an Obstetrician who works in private Obstetrics at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. Brenda delights in advising women through their pregnancy and birth experience as she has developed a special interest in antenatal education and counselling.

The existing website was in need of a makeover due to its vintage. It no longer met expectations for design or content – understandable as the original website was created before the advent of responsive technology and the content was functional, but quite basic. Additionally, the turnkey platform the website was hosted on was also slated to be discontinued.

We therefore planned to create a modernised version of the site on the Drupal CMS.

Project Details

We needed to create a logo and decide on the design elements that would be inline with the brand. We decided on a welcoming cream and a blue toned grey scheme. The palette was intended to reflect the maternal theme of the website.

We took the opportunity to greatly expand the content, with quite a bit of detail on the various issues relating to Obstetrics included. Interestingly, we took a broad approach to the material, covering a diverse array of topics of concerns to parents and the mother in particular. We also discussed consultations both before and after the birth, in order to reassure patients that they can expect a comprehensive care plan. The range of topics and detail that we managed to prompt the client to include revealed what we new was present – a wealth of experience and a keen insight into the issues that may weigh heavily on the minds of her patients. This engenders justified trust and confidence in the doctor.

Project Result

The project was managed so that we delivered the website promptly. The client appreciated the extra attention and assistance we provided to ease the journey from concept to completion.

The new website offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, it works well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The client was very happy with the website, and the improvements we made to modernised their online presence.