Greenslopes Specialist Gynaecology

Project Brief

Greenslopes Specialist Gynaecology had a legitimate need to refresh thier website. While the content already present on the previous website was a good start, some of the features and capabilities of the old site were beginning to look dated. The site featured Adobe Flash animations and was not responsive. There was also an opportunity to improve and expand upon the content already in existence.

Project Details

Greenslopes Specialist Gynaecology featured Flash animations, this is widely regarded as not desirable. Adobe Flash technology is a resource hog and not ideal from a content indexing point of view. In most instances - this can be replaced by HTML 5 technology.

We created a new website, so had the opportunity to implement Responsive technology from scratch. The site is now fully accessible via Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.

The content of the site was improved, along with a revamped information structure. This allowed us to structure the site so that it is suitable for future expansion. Improved naviations has assisted the site in terms of usability, with the content now more easily accessible to patients.

Project Result

The client is very happy with the result of this project. It has cemented the position of Greenslopes Specialist Gynaecology as an appealing and reputable solution for patients.