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Project Brief

SORSC are a group of senior surgeons based in Sydney’s lower north shore, specialising in all aspects of musculoskeletal surgery. The practice offers comprehensive treatment of musculoskeletal problems by a multi-disciplinary team.

Online Medical was involved with the creation of the SORSC brand in a consulting capacity. We were also commissioned to design and develop a website. This necessitated exploration to establish the real world usage of the branding that is integral to the online presence of this ambitious startup.

Project Details

The startup nature of this project meant that everything was new and required extensive discovery process to determine what was required and what level of content development made sense (given that many of the surgeons that founded the practice also have their own individual websites).

From a strategic perspective we decided the best approach was to limit the content to an overview of each of the main service areas. This was more approachable for all involved, as the areas of orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment are comprehensive – dealing with all areas of the body.

We focussed substantial effort on how to best communicate this in a concise manner – and with the assistance of a cooperative client we created an interactive / animated graphic (based on the logo symbol). When viewing the "Our Approach" page, patients can simply click on the relevant body area to see what services are offered.

Project Result

The client was extremely satisfied, particularly given the sustained effort required to come to a consensus with a number of extremely busy surgeons. The persistence to reach consensus paid off – the practice now enjoys a fundamental marketing and informational tool, which is available to benefit patients and consulting doctors.