Dr David Agolley

Project Brief

Dr Agolley is an Australian trained Orthopaedic Surgeon, with a special interest and further fellowship training sub-specialising in Hip and Knee surgery. Dr Agolley performs numerous hip procedures, from hip preservation procedures in the pre-arthritic hip avoiding hip replacement if indicated, to total hip replacement.

The previous website for Dr Agolley unfortunately was poorly executed. There were ambitions for comprehensive content that were not realised. Additionally, the design was visually cluttered and not good in terms of usability. The brief was to improve all these issues and create a new website, affording us the opportunity to properly implement responsive design.

Project Details

We took the time to plan an extensive restructure of the site content. Many more pages were added, and these were organised into a navigation structure to make it as easy as possible for patients to access the information they want.

The graphic design was radically adjusted - removing the visual clutter that actually detracted from both the functional and aesthetic value of the site. This involved intelligent repositioning of existing features, or removal of problem elements.

Interstingly this project gavd us the opportunity to create a doctor info resources section that used elements we typically recommend, such as YouTube videos and also "powerpoint style" presentations, using the SlideShare service. This has worked well and provides the opportunity to expand such content over time.

This website was quite a challenge due to the large amount of content and complex presentation of content.

Project Result

Dr David Agolley is very hapy with the new website. It has suceeded in all the aspects implied by the brief. It's a comprehensive website in terms of content, it has a fresh, modern look. It is also very usable on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile devices.