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Project Brief

Dr Tyson Doneley is a lower limb orthopaedic surgeon - specialising in surgery of the Hip and Knee. Online Medical was engaged to create a new version of the website (we also developed the original website) to coincide with the launch of his new practice.

Project Details

Dr Doneley was happy for us to implement a strong styling approach – utilising colours derived from the new logo. We chose a distinctive black and white photography style that combined with the brand colours (blue and orange), offered a striking combination.

Navigation focusses on the three primary areas of service - Hips, Knees and Acute Orthopaedic Injury. Due to the large number of Conditions and Procedures, we decided to present the navigation utilising a "Megamenu" style – where all areas can be viewed at the same time (items are also categorised for ease of use).

As the original site was quite old, we worked with the client to guide them towards creating more comprehensive detail within the content pages. This level of information is now expected by patients.

Project Result

The client was quite happy with the website, as it fulfilled all objectives agreed in our discussions about the project.