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Project Brief

Dr Michael Walsh is a highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon who concentrates on assisting patients with particularly difficult problems. Online Medical was comissioned to produce a new approach – requiring the development of a comprehensive content offering providing a great experience for Dr Walsh's valued patients.

Project Details

Dr Michael Walsh's desire to delve deep – investigating and offering treatment approaches (for problems considered intractable by many) inspired the new branding elements. The mult-layered graphic symbol and blue toned colour palette is reflected thoughout the page designs.

The information architecture required considerable effort to define the "by body part" categorisation scheme, which is quite effective. There was a substantial amount of content involved – it became apparent that this approach does assist patients to more readily identify relevant information.

Project Result

The modern, sharp and clean design works well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The client was pleased with the website and the benefit it brings patients of the practice.