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Project Brief

Dr Andrew Renaut runs a busy surgical practice looking after patients with cancer and other bowel-related conditions. Andrew has spent his adult life pursuing many varied passions, that he has combined and converted to successful business opportunities. We were commissioned to create a website that reflected his range of interests.

Project Details

Dr Renaut was happy to give us a free hand in design. We developed his logo and brand identity – creating a modern, abstract deriviation of his initials (AR). The website design was a logical extension of the brand styling. We made sure to include a range of vibrant banner images to depict Dr Renaut's wide range of interests. The features on the website were designed to aid promotion of his various interests / activities.

Project Result

The client was very pleased with the website, as the stylish embodiment of his many varied passions. The website works well across a range of devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.