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Project Brief

The Centre for Paediatrics is a Centre of excellence for quality multi-disciplinary paediatric care that brings together a wide range of experienced Paediatricians and Allied Health Professionals. The client had no web presence, so we were able to define their requirements from first principles. This included a need to define the services they offer and therefore the content that should be produced.

Project Details

The client did have an established logo, but no style guide, or examples of implementation. So the new website was the first real world implementation. From a design point of view, our first task was to help establish a practical application of the multi-coloured palette. The supplied logo had so many colours, we needed to settle on just a couple of practical ones to form a cohesive basis for the user interface.

More generally, we worked with the client to confirm that a design approach centred around a fun and non-threatening theme. This is representative of the nature of the practice and staff – which helps parents (and children) feel at ease in an otherwise potentially daunting situation. The use of childlike imaginative imagery in the design helped bring this idea to life.

Our approach to content differed from many other practice websites, this was a response to the huge number of potential issues that the range of paediatrics specialists at the practice deal with. We decided to focus on the services and diagnostic tests that are offered, rather than the multitude of potential conditions and treatments. It was a pragmatic approach and a reasonable step to establish the website – there is scope to expand to add such content over time if needed.

Photography was a custom photoshoot, which provided a nice feeling of authenticity.

Project Result

The new website fulfilled the brief we confirmed with client at the beginning of the project – offering a solid online presence that offers a useful reference for the parents of paediatric patients.

The client is very satisfied with the new website and recognised our determined project management efforts to deliver this project across an extended timeline.