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Project Brief

Dr Dan Robinson is a highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon. He is a fully qualified ear nose and throat surgeon and has also completed a full year of fellowship training in facial plastic surgery. Dr Robinson had advanced training in rhinoplasty with a specific focus on cosmetic rhinoplasty and nasal obstruction.

We needed to design and develop a new version of the website using the Drupal CMS, because the turnkey platform that the old website relied on was slated to be discontinued.

We took the opportunity to makeover the website.

Project Details

Luckily, we already had an established brand – so the Logo, Colour Palette, Fonts and overall character of the design approach was known.

The homepage was entirely redesigned to showcase the most important areas of Dr Robinson's endeavours using a range of photos that work together beautifully.

We decided to improve the design by boosting the quality of the images used across the site. This applied to everything from the homepage slider, to banners used across the site.

Even the images present in the image gallery were improved. Photography supplied for the image galleries was extensive. All of these 100+ images were painstakingly colour corrected, cropped for uniformity, sharpened etc (without modifying the genuine character of the images) so that the "before and after" requirement was fulfilled. The gallery is fully responsive and works great across a range of devices (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile).

Images were also made "web-ready" using our modern methodology, resulting in a 50%+ improvement in file size for the same image quality. This ensured that the site remained performant and offered a great user experience (which Google loves!).

Content was also decidedly enhanced, there was some more breadth with more pages – but also more work done to meet modern expectations for depth of content on each page. We helped guide the client with specific suggestions for how to adapt existing content to meet this new quality standard.

Project Result

The client was very happy, as we progressed the project from inception to completion with a minumum of fuss, and also improved both the quality of design and depth of content on the site.