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Project Brief

Dr Tim Nathan, an experienced and accomplished Urological Surgeon – expert in all aspects of adult Urology. Dr Nathan’s main area of clinical expertise is the diagnosis and management of urological cancers.

The existing website was starting to show its age a little in certain respects, so was ripe for redevelopment. Online medical was responsible for the design and development of the existing website. The turnkey platform the website was hosted on was also slated to be discontinued. Consequently, we were engaged to create a modernised version of the site on the Drupal CMS. This offered an opportunity to modernise and improve a number of aspects of the website.

Project Details

After consultation with the client, the decision was made that conditions and procedures sections of the site would retain the existing category structure (based upon body part). We did take the opportunity to expand upon the content to satisfy current client expectations.

The site incorporated the existing logo, colours and typographic style into the page design. We decided to opt for a set of custom icons for the "feature navigation" – to add some more visual interest to the homepage. Imagery was upgraded to account for modern high resolution "retina" devices. The abilities of the Drupal CMS were leveraged to improve overall page load speed – a significant usability and SEO factor.

Project Result

The client was very happy with the design, content and overall user experience of the website.