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Project Brief

Dr Nicholas Boyne is an established specialist Vascular surgeon based in Brisbane. He has extensive surgical experience and advanced qualifications in vascular and endovascular surgery.

Dr Boyne is a surgeon of renown, and can also be considered a specialist of last resort. If things go badly wrong in a surgery (eg: accidentally punctured part of the vascular system), he is often the doctor other specialists rely upon.

Online Medical was commissioned to create a brand and website that offered a fresh start for his online presence, and broader marketing activities.

Project Details

Given the reputation of the doctor, it was incumbent on Online Medical to create a brand reflective of his experience and prestige. We worked diligently as a team of specialised experts. Furnished with a comprehensive brief, our specialist brand designer excelled in the creation of an elegantly simple logo. This design and colourway formed the basis for the entire approach.

Stunning custom photography, graphics and iconography amplified the nature of the brand – offering new and unexpected ways to showcase the practice and Dr Boyne's expertise.

Project Result

The website design, coding and technology employed resulted in an extremely well optimised responsive website, that is performant and very patient friendly.

Dr Boyne was delighted with the work – the website benefits his patients and practice on a daily basis. Online Medical is proud to establish a renewed online presence for this experienced and influential medical practitioner.