Melanoma Unit

Project Brief

The Melanoma Unit offers comprehensive integrated multidisciplinary care – investigations and treatments for melanoma patients within New Zealand. Online Medical was commissioned to produce a new website to modernise thier online presence.

The client had an existing website that was looking a bit old and in need of some serious improvement from a visaul design and usability perspective. The client wanted to modernise the website and provide a refined look and feel more in keeping with the renowned Melanoma Unit.

Project Details

The client came to Online Medical with a website that had partialy developed content. What was there was adequate, but we felt it could be expanded upon and improved. We needed to comprehensively improved the content, including photography.

Project Result

The new website is a well organised, well composed, communication and education tool that benefits Melanoma Unit patients. It is now a more accessible and usable, and fully responsive design that works well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  While the design is minimilstic in nature, we have included nice subtle touches such as parallax effects on banners, animations for interactive effects etc.